About Regina Egenæs

Regina-EgenæsI became attracted to this technique after my several years of work as a porcelain painter, another art form that is closely connected with heat in the realization of visual imagery.

In this manner I ended up learning encaustic painting techniques under the guidance of John Buckland in Wales after my studies in drawing, acrylic painting and pastel.

 This type of painting attracts me because of its difficulty; through the use of heat and various special tools and methods, the wax needs to be coaxed onto the canvas in order to realize my vision.

A special quality of three-dimension feeling in the painting’s surface is the result of the wax’s thickness, and the colours, pure and suspended in the beeswax, take on an unusual vibrancy that is uniquely different from all other forms of painting.

Due to its ancient heritage, I also feel connected in a special way to the past when working in this medium.

For these reasons, every single painting is a tremendous and fascinating challenge for me, as well as a source of great pleasure when I achieve the results that I am constantly aiming for.

Here You can download my CV and my exhibition list:

CV and Exhibitions